Who to Inform

Who to inform when someone dies?

There are several people who should be informed when someone passes away, the following people should be informed if relevant:

  Relatives and friends



  The deceased's Tax Office

  National Insurance Contributions Office if they were self-employed (to cancel payments)

  Landlord or Local Authority if the deceased rented their property

  Local Authority if the deceased paid Council Tax, had a parking permit, was issued with a Blue Badge for disabled parking, received social services help, or attended day care

  Any private organisation/agency providing home help

  General insurance companies - contents, car, travel, medical etc

  Pension providers/life insurance companies

  Bank/building society

  Mortgage provider

  Hire purchase or loan companies

  Credit card providers/store cards

  Utility companies, if accounts were in the deceased's name

  TV/Internet companies with which the deceased had subscriptions

  Royal Mail, if mail needs re-directing

  UK Passport Agency, to return and cancel a passport

  Social groups to which the deceased belonged


  Creditors - anyone to whom the deceased owed money

  Debtors - anyone that owed the deceased money

Things that may need returned.

  Order books/benefits


  Driving licence

  Registration documents for the deceased's car (if necessary)

  Season ticket and membership cards of any clubs or associations, as a refund may be due

  Benefit/pension books and any unused cheques/vouchers should be returned to the benefits office

  Library books and tickets

  National Insurance papers